The Credit Team Overview

We believe in teamwork. A group of dedicated professionals will most likely get the job done more effectively than anyone flying solo. This is why we call ourselves The Credit Repair Team. 

We also believe that credit cannot be fixed overnight. However, your credit can “rebuild” with time. We are devoted to helping you develop a more stable relationship with your credit. We will put in the time, energy, and effort into improving your credit as efficiently as possible. 

With a better credit score, you can become more financially independent. You can make significant, long-lasting lifestyle changes that can provide you with access to your financial dreams. 

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What We Do

The Credit Team do more than just remove negative items on your credit report. We also provide tips and advice on how to continue your credit repair journey after our services are complete. We provide you with the tools that you need to practice healthier financial habits and monitor your credit accurately. 


Give us your credit story, and we can help you to rewrite it the way that you’ve always wanted. With some time and effort, we will rebuild your credit so that you can accomplish all of your financial goals. 

Our Process

Check Your Credit
Dispute Negative Items
Work With the 3 Credit Bureaus On Your Behalf
Rebuild Your Credit
Identify Errors, Mistakes, & Negative Items
Create A Credit Repair Strategy
Create A Credit Repair Strategy

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Along With Our Credit Repair Services, We Offer

3-Bureau Credit Monitoring
Fraud Protection and Alerts
Credit Score Monitoring
Identity Theft Insurance
Credit Coaching
Financial Coaching And Education
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