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Although many people go through the credit repair process on their own, it’s not always recommended.  

It’s much more effective to hire an expert to repair your credit than it is to do it yourself. You may get far, but it will take a lot of time and energy out of your busy life. The Credit Repair Team will handle everything on your behalf so that you don’t have to. 

The Credit Repair Team believes in perseverance, determination, and most importantly – teamwork!

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Our 3 Step Process For Fixing Your Credit

Credit Report Analysis
First, we go through your credit report with a fine-tooth comb. You must make sure that you provide us with your credit report, as well as other documentation. All evidentiary support that we gather will help your case for credit repair.
Identify What's Wrong
Negative items and mistakes will drastically affect your credit score. Damaging information, such as foreclosures, bankruptcies, tax liens, or late payments, must be removed from your credit report. Once they’re removed, your credit will improve over time.
Dispute With Credit Bureaus
We work with all 3 credit bureaus to dispute any and all damaging information on your credit report. After our inquiry, they have 30 days to decide on whether or not to remove these items. If they remove these items, your credit score will improve.

Credit Repair Strategy

Based on your initial credit report review, we create a personalized credit repair strategy for you. We will dispute all of the negative items on your credit report with the three credit bureaus.

The bureaus may remove all or some of the negative items on your credit report. Even if they refuse to remove all of them, the items that they do remove will improve your credit score. 

The 3 credit reporting agencies we will take on & fight for you include:
Experian, Transunion & Equifax

The Credit Repair Team Goes Above & Beyond By

Understanding your credit report is the first step with credit repair. Your credit report contains language that may seem complicated. Luckily for you, The Credit Repair Team speaks this language fluently, so we can help you translate easily. 

We help you to evaluate the information that is stated in your credit report. We provide guidance and support to help you manage your finances. We will also answer all of your questions regarding your credit report. 

We identify strategies that will help to continuously improve your credit. Credit repair is all about “rebuilding” your credit. It takes time, energy, and persistence above all else. With the right strategy, your credit will improve dramatically.

Credit Score Breakdown

Your credit score range will be between 300 and 850. The higher the score, the better the credit. Your credit score will also fall into 1 of the 5 categories.

The categories include: Excellent, Good, Very Good, Fair, & Very Poor. 

  • 21% of people have a good credit score ranging between 670 and 739.
  • 25% of people have a very good credit score ranging between 740 and 799.
  • 21% of people have an excellent credit score ranging between 800 and 850.
  • 17% of people have a fair credit score ranging between 580 and 669.
  • 16% of people have a very poor credit ranging between 300 and 579.

Which Piece of the Pie Is Your Credit Score?

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