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Tips On How To Fix My Credit

Tips On How To Fix My Credit

Having poor credit can mean many things. It can affect your ability to put a down payment on your dream home. It can make lenders believe that you’re an unworthy candidate. 

If you have negative items on your credit report, then your credit score will suffer. The only way to improve your credit score is to have any negative items removed from your credit report. 

If you have poor credit, not all hope is lost. You can fix your credit over time. Here are some tips on how to fix your own credit.

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If you want to fix your credit DIY-style, it is possible. 


Credit Repair

If there is a mistake or error on your credit report, then it must be disputed with the 3 credit bureaus.

Pay A Settlement

If you pay a settlement, you can negotiate with a collector to remove the collection account.

Payment Re-Aging

As long as you’re making payments, the creditor can agree to report your account as current.

Wait Out the Clock

Negative items will automatically fall off of your credit report after a certain amount of time.

Fixing Your Credit 101

Lots of people that go through the credit repair process on their own hope that their credit will improve overnight. This is not the case. The credit repair process takes a lot of time and energy. 

You must go through your credit history with a fine-tooth comb to locate erroneous information. Mistakes or inaccurate information might be negatively affecting your credit score. So, you must identify this misinformation and dispute it with all 3 credit bureaus. 

From there, each credit bureau has to make a decision based on your inquiry. Based on your report, they can decide whether or not to remove this information from your credit report. 

3 Credit Bureaus

How It Works

  • By law, a credit issuer or collector has to verify information that will be included in your credit report.  
  • If you identify a mistake on your credit report, then you have to dispute it with the credit bureau. Your dispute should be made to the credit bureau that issued the report.
  • The credit bureau has 30 days to verify the information.
  • If the information can’t be verified, then it has to be removed from your credit report entirely.

Improve Your Credit

You can go through this process on your own; however, it’s not recommended. The Credit Repair Team can help you through this process. We will dispute negative items on your behalf so that you don’t have to. 

Having good credit is essential. A high credit score means endless possibilities for your financial future. With The Credit Repair Team by your side, we can help you get there. With a good credit score, you can achieve all of your financial goals. Give us a call to get started on your credit repair journey!

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